The stink hits your nose as the wet armpit is ground into your face.

You wiggle and writhe but his bodyweight crushes you down.

You can’t get away from the sweaty pit being smeared all over your face.

“Just breathe it in” he says, smearing it around your nose and mouth.

You fight and struggle but you are already feeling it; the edges of your mind beginning to fuzz and blur.

Your thoughts, which up until now have been rapid and desperate, seem to be getting lighter. The desperate need to get away is feeling unreal, like it was never you thinking that.

The insidious calmness blooms out from the edges And pervades you.

Your breathing slows and your rushed breaths get deeper. You’re taking in that captivating pit scent with your whole chest. You want as much as you can get.

“There we go, Mutt” he says. He eases his body off yours. You’re free of his weight. As he moves away you instinctively follow to keep your face near that wonderful scent.

You’re on all fours now, dreamily licking at his pit. Smearing it all over your face. There’s no forethought, you’re totally in the moment, just drinking this man in.

He’s saying words, but you don’t hear them. It’s just a background hum at this point.

His hand grabs the hair at the back of your head, and gently but firmly pulls you away.

You whine.

“Greedy Mutt,” he says with a smirk on his face. It’s taking all your mental effort to understand him. Words are hard.

“It’s a greedy Mutt, isn’t it?” What is this mutt he’s talking about?

He reaches over and pulls out a puppy hood. You see him stuff a jockstrap and socks into the muzzle before he works it over your head.

The stinky jock begins to fill up the air inside the hood. It’s his scent again, his wonderful scent, but there’s something extra. Those musky tones of…sex?

It’s a sexy smell now. Filling you. Your cock begins to rapidly leak as the feeling of sex blooms down your body.

“There we go. The dumb mutts ready now” he says. Oh. You get it. Youre the mutt. You feel so proud of yourself for finally getting it.

“Good Mutt” he slowly intones.

He’s calling you good. Your bum wiggles in happiness.

He says a lot of stuff. You can’t take it in. But you catch a few words. Mutt. Obedient. Stupid. Sit. Present.

You concentrate to figure out what he’s saying. It’s hard, but you want to show him how good you can be.

You feel happy.


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